31 July, 2017


Byron Bay Dental Solar Panels

Byron Bay Dental is powered by the sun

At Byron Bay Dental, we are committed to sustainability principles and reducing our footprint on the earth. We have implemented a range of sustainability practices including:

Sustainability at Byron Bay Dental:

  • We are proud to be powered by the sun. Our roof is home to 8kW of solar panels which generate enough electricity to run our practice 5 days a week. With the aid of our 28kW.h saltwater batteries to get us through the non-sunny parts of the day.
  • We harness natural airflow through the practice when weather permits.
  • We maximise the use of natural light throughout the practice with the benefit of our north-facing rooms that keep us in shade during Summer and sunny and warm during Winter.
  • We keep digital patient records rather than paper records and correspond with our referrers electronically whenever possible.
  • Digital radiography means no developing chemicals and less radiation exposure for our patients and staff.
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